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Investing in our people

We’re the first company within the R&D Tax industry to build a business around its people. Helping them to thrive collectively and individually. Kene Partners is the first R&D Tax consultancy in Britain to provide continuous and compulsory training programmes for each of its employees. The Kene Partners Knowledge Hub continually expands your knowledge. Whether you have been in the industry for 12 months or 12 years the KP Knowledge hub will test and heighten your sphere of knowledge. Apply today

Choosing collaborative over competitive

We know from experience that fresh thinking, agility and productivity is born out of collaborative working. At Kene Partners every project team is different, providing you with continuous exposure to the industries most talented R&D Tax specialists and technical expertise. Apply Today

We’ve canned the corporate

The traditional organisational model is no longer relevant. It fails to recognise that we live in a world of constant connectivity, that we can work from anywhere, anytime, more efficiently Apply today

Building the business around you

We recognise that each individual has changing wants, needs and aspirations. That’s why we tailor and adapt your commission package and development programme every year in the form of a Goal Realisation Plan to help every employee achieve their personal goals in work. Personal finance, travel and health Apply today

Providing benefits that actually benefit you.

At Kene Partners we pride ourselves on our progressive and varied selection of employee benefits.  With benefits that seek to support your wellbeing and personal development we want to ensure that you have a package of benefits that actually benefit you. Apply today